The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 not only caused people's consternation, but also caused a shortage of pandemic prevention materials. Facing the urgent demand for pandemic prevention, 3D printing has played an important role. What is the practical application of 3D printing in the anti-pandemic battlefield?

Shortage of protective materials & Rapid manufacturing of 3D printing

COVID-19 virus is a kind of virus with droplet transmission infectivity. Goggles have became the necessary protective equipment for medical personnel in the front line,and those who need to closely get in touch with patients. The mold opening time of the common goggles in the market is up to 14 days. The medical goggles produced by 3D printing not only have high sealing degree, but also can achieve 3 / 4 of the weight of ordinary goggles. Meanwhile, it can be customized according to personal facial data.

3D printing has the characteristics of rapid design, finalization and fast manufacturing. With 3D printing, when medical materials are in short supply and cannot be purchased, the required products can be manufactured urgently and quickly. The combination of 3D printing and 3D scanning technology can meet the needs of personalized mass customization and make wearing more comfortable.

3D Printing Solutions Help to Fight Against the Pandemic

Material: SH8900-H  Size: personalized customization  Design: EPLUS3D engineer team

3D printing makes up for worker vacancy

Due to the need of prevention and control under the pandemic, a large number of workers cannot return to work on schedule. Because the traditional large-scale industrial production is based on the assembly line, batches of parts are produced by machines or workers in the manufacturing factory, and then assembled by machines or workers. The more the product components, the longer the supply chain and product line will be, thus more labor force will be needed. In today's special environment of the pandemic, the potential loss caused by the shortage of workers in the factory will finally lead to huge pressure and loss to China's manufacturing industry.

3D printing is the epitome of the tide of intelligence, which has the advantage of one-time molding. The printed products do not need to be assembled again, so as to save a lot of labor and shorten the supply chain at the same time. 3D printing can cooperate with industrial robots that are good at handling standardized parts, further reduce the demand of workers, expand the service boundary of manufacturing industry, and realize the balance between large-scale and intelligent production.

Internet & 3D printing enable intelligent manufacturing

3D printing takes mobile Internet information technology as the engine, and can realize online production even without face-to-face communication . During the pandemic period, 3D printing is still functional. Compared with traditional production, online 3D printing can not only meet the needs of rapid model printing and low cost, but also meet people's non-contact communication needs and reduce the spread of the pandemic to the greatest extent.

3D printing as a breakthrough

3D printing has great potential in personalized customized production. 3D printing is not limited by the complexity of the target product, but also shortens the processing cycle, reduces manufacturing costs, and even allows consumers to participate in product design. Nowadays, the application of 3D printing in personalized customization in biomedical field is gradually expanding. Compared with traditional technology, the biggest advantage of 3D printing is that it can be customized for patients, whether dental , artificial prostheses, implants, artificial tissues and organs, etc. According to the 3D printed simulation entity, the doctor carries out preoperative evaluation, diagnosis, selection of operation path, accurate operation position and decision of operation scheme. At the same time, for the consultation of patients in other places, doctors can also provide remote guidance for surgery through 3D printing simulation entities, so as to realize personalized and accurate treatment. In the future, the personalized customization of 3D printing will bring more good news to doctors and patients.

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