Since 1990s, traditional manufacturing techniques have hindered products from design and development. According to the improvements and advances in manufacturing technology, the additive manufacturing (AM) process can create an inexhaustible possibilities. Additive manufacturing (AM) makes it possible to produce more complex metal parts, such as hollow bodies, parts with undercuts. With high efficiency and high precision, these types of designs have been achieved with simpler construction while it is impossible to produce these types of parts by traditional manufacturing. AM is widely used in the industrial, automotive, medical, electronics and other sectors.

Metal Powder Bed Fusion(MPBF) technology allows us to produce amazing metal parts for prototyping or final applications. Metal Powder Bed Fusion(MPBF) technology makes it possible to obtain high-precision metal parts ( layer thickness ranges from 20 µm to 120 µm ) and benefit from excellent mechanical properties (high-performance materials, density close to 100%). We have a machine ( EP-M650) to produce metal parts in sizes up to 650 x 650 x 750 mm. It is suitable for the direct manufacturing of large size, high precision and high performance parts in the aerospace, aviation, automotive and defense industry.

For businesses that adopt additive manufacturing (AM), it is possible to continue to grow and evolve through the production of items that have been created from their imagination. There are no restricts when it comes to additive manufacturing (AM) because things can be created for the design and then printed in a short time frame. Therefore, for any business, a product can go from an idea, to a concept till the finished part.

In a word, these are challenges and difficulties that can be conquered with some careful forward thinking and planning. The manufacturing industry is filled with competition and that means these challenges are nothing more than hurdles to conquer. This is because the industry has to not only think about the technical benefits that additive manufacturing (AM) brings to manufacturing, but also the value it will add to a business. We truly believe that additive manufacturing (AM) will bring better development prospects and future for the manufacturing industry. 

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